We look forward to contributing to your journey of healing, balance & prevention and helping you out with any problems you are facing naturally. We will get in touch with you by email and send you the link to our Exclusive Live. Have a wonderful day and see you on Saturday! 

A membership available for anyone who wishes to support our content and in return we will offer you a weekly Live Q&A with Charu and Anirudh. On a Sunday 2:30pm-3:30pm indian time (IST) On Youtube (Streamed privately, only those who have our membership link can get access to the live streams). You will get the opportunity to pre-submit questions (if you are unable to attend) or ask them live.

The Live Q&A will be recorded and uploaded on youtube - as 'Unlisted' (those who only have access to the link will be able to watch the recorded Q&A weekly session). We will send all the details in an email.

Take care.