Day 1 - Fitness & Breathwork Session with Abhishek

Inculcate the process of improving your fitness and mobility through the right knowledge and enhance movement with breath-work.

Day 2 - Discover Your Dosha with Charu & Anirudh 

Understand what body type you are and learn how you can navigate life in harmony with yourself (lifestyle, mindset & diet).

Day 3 - Plan Your Perfect Day with Charu & Anirudh

Learn how you can organise your day according to your unique body and be in sync with the seasons through the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Day 4 - Flow Based Yoga For All with Nikitha

Practice how to do yoga in harmony with your breath and how you can ripe the greatest benefits with the right guidance.

Day 5 - Craft Your Destiny with Anirudh

Apply the most effective process of getting what you want at the right time through the support of your subconscious mind.

Day 6 - A Musical Healing Circle with Taahira

Attend a healing circle with a touch of music. Through vibrations come close to your true self and experience the divinity of human connection.

Day 7 - Celebration & Growth

On the last day, all the teachers and students get together to celebrate the completion of the course. We do activities, ask any questions, reflection upon the knowledge and how you can take it forward to improve your quality of life.