A concept developed by traditional ancient yogic systems of prevention, healing and enlightenment.

Kosha means Treasury or Sheaths. The literal meaning of PANCHKOSHA is 5 Sheaths/layers of the human body. Metaphysical description of the soul is written in the Upanishads and different yogic texts to explain the concept of Kosha. 

There are 5 bodies or layers that manifest to create the human body, mind and soul. These bodies upon the soul bring existence of the human being.

'Maya' - Means illusion, in context Illusionary layer/body.

1. Annamaya Kosha: Consists of the physical layer, where food, water, money, shelter, clothing and relationships will keep maintain the health of this layer. Food (Anna).

2. Pranamaya Kosha: This holds the subtle body where air (prana) is the vital force/energy of the body. The Nadis (Nerves) & Chakras (Energy Centres) are connected and in sync with the breath. For healing breath work (pranayama) is addressed.

3. Manomaya Kosha: The middle layer is observed to be the Mano (mind) body where instincts, sensory input, logic and emotions come into play. For healing the ego, thoughts and emotions are taken into account.

4. Vijnanamaya Kosha: This is the wisdom layer, where intuition is considered above the mind (logic). Curiosity, questioning, grasping knowledge, creating habits, and correcting behaviours are touched upon. Vijnana means "intellect" and this layer is about building a higher intelligence.

5. Anandamaya Kosha: The deepest layer of the metaphysical body, closet to the Soul is the Bliss (Ananda) Body. For healing pure joy, absolute freedom, peace, faith and surrender are engraved. This is the body that is able to put anyone into a flow state, the feeling of synchronicity with the soul, environment and the universe is experienced.

Kosha is about understanding each layer deeply and strengthening it to become one, where creativity, flow, bliss, health, intellect, breath and mind all come together to uplift the human experience of life into absolute fulfilment.

Kosha Life is created to revive the culture of prevention and lifestyle medicine. It's a learning platform that teaches holistic healing. The concept of Kosha Life is to teach individuals who are willing to learn about how their individual body functions, how disease is created and how to deal with it when it manifests. 

Finally, it's a mission for helping people to learn how to not get sick, because during a crisis of health it's the knowledge of the body that is lacking in the health industry. There is an overload of information and everything consists of looking at the body only from a physical level. But the fact the mind and soul are greater players in the healing game, are never considered by the western concept of medicine. 

As humans, we are supposed to stay healthy and die from natural death not suffering in a hospital with so many wires attached to us trying to keep our breath moving. This is torcher and is simply the most disturbing way to suffer and die. 

It's time we learn how our ancestors lived so we can grasp the knowledge of longevity and combine today's science to create total health where we don't get sick anymore.

Usually we go from outside in, but what if we could start from within and discover the root to initiate bliss. Everything will fall into place once the bliss body is worked upon which is the closest to the Soul.