Your Guide To Longevity Book by Anirudh Gomber


This book is a result of the knowledge I have gathered from the past 4 years of studying the mind and body. This is highly concentrated knowledge which is proven to give results to anyone who is looking to live a disease-free life. This book is structured in a way that will help you, every step of the way to achieving longevity in an uncertain environment. The world we are living in today, and the world inside you can come to a harmony from creating balance within if you learn the power of the 2 words that can change your life. You already know these 2 words but if you can learn to really practice and execute them you will find your whole life come to complete and absolute peace. 

Take care and I hope you enjoy the read.

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Edited by: Taahira Kisna

Pages: 112

Format: PDF

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